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Video Excerpts -- Meet the Writers

The Bill Cosby Show, The Steve Harvey Show

Yvette Bowser

Living Single, A Different World

David Breckman

Monk, Saturday Night Live

Frasier, Wings

There's Something About Mary

The Jerk, The Frisco Kid

Heather Hach

Freaky Friday, Freaky Monday

Beverly Hills Ninja, Disorderlies

The Larry Sanders Show, Buffalo Bill

Roseanne, Cybill

Hank Nelkin

Saving Silverman, Are We Done Yet?

Tracy Newman and Jonathan Stark

According to Jim, Ellen

Bubble Boy, The Santa Claus 2

Heidi Perlman

Cheers, Frasier, The Tracey Ullman Show

Charlie Peters

My One and Only, Three Men and a Baby

Phil Rosenthal

Everybody Loves Raymond, Coach

Lew Schneider

Everybody Loves Raymond, Less Than Perfect

Sherwood and Lloyd Schwartz

Gilligan's Island, The Brady Bunch

Marc Scheffler and Paul Chitlic

Harry and the Hendersons, Who's the Boss?

Elliot Shoenman

Home Improvement, Maude

Cheri and Bill Steinkelner

Cheers, Family Ties

Get Smart, The Honeymooners

Charlie Hauck

Maude, Home Improvement

Dan O'Shannon

Cheers, Frasier, Modern Family

Marley Simms

Home Improvement, Sabrina: The Teenage Witch


When we read interview books, we love to see pictures of the people interviewed to put a face with it. We decided to go a bit farther and having moving faces and bodies associated with each interview.

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