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A Sad Tale with a Happy Ending

After submitting our completed manuscript, we sat back and relaxed thinking that, finally…it was “Miller Time.” Oh were we wrong! We got word from our editor that we had to put down our beers and face “Sophie’s Choice.” We were told that the manuscript was too long and we had to cut three interviews just because they refused to cut down a few more trees so we could keep all of them.

Understand that the process of scheduling an interview, conducting it, transcribing it, editing and re-editing and re-re-editing (You get the idea here…because there were quite a few more edits we didn’t mention yet.) was a deeply immersive  and personal process. We were asked to sacrifice three of our “children.” Each interview was magical in its own way. There were no “clunkers” among them. How do you decide which of your kids doesn’t make the final cut?

In graduate school, Peter was forced to take 18 units of statistics. Finally, he found a use for it. We discussed probability theory for a while and decided that the only dispassionate selection method was a lottery. With slightly watery eyes, we informed our editor of our selection, but…we ended up with great news for our readers through the use of technology. Two fortunate events occurred.

First, the e-book versions of the book contain all twenty-five interviews. AND, for those who bought the print book version, our website contains the three additional chapters, but you must own the book to have access to the “secret code” that provides the admission information. Here’s how you do it:

Read ALL of the instructions below before you making your choice.

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