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Peter - Jeffrey They lead to the same link but feature us by name...there is no reason for either one of us to be on the outside pressing our nose against the glass.


Podcast: On The Page

A Podcast for those interested in screenwriting hosted by Pilar Alessandra


People Make a Difference - Interview with Danny Brassell

The first book signing (Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA)

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Score for the book signing:

Number of attendees = 200+
Number of books available = 50

Attitude of attendees who didn't get an autographed copy of the book = Priceless!

Score for refreshments:

Number of well-fed attendees = 200+
Amount of food leftover = Plenty

Attitude toward Louise Davis = Priceless!


Imagine what a signed, first edition Dickens book would be worth today. Who knows what a signed, first edition Desberg and Davis might be worth someday? Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. This could be the investment that sends your grandchildren through college…if you were willing to part with it.

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Show Me the Funny!: At the Writers' Table with Hollywood's Top Comedy Writers

The authors are planning their next book signing with the goal of having less than 50 attendees, and more than 200 copies of the book available.

Details to follow...